July 6: Faith is Our Justification

Today’s opening Scripture shows us that justification from sin and its guilt is solely by faith apart from the deeds of the law. What then is Justification? Justification is righteousness. It simply means rightness with God. Justification is the rightness or privilege God bestows on everyone who believes in Jesus Christ to stand before Him […]

July 5: Pressing on by Faith

Today’s opening Scripture makes it clear that those that have been justified by faith in Christ are to continue to live by faith. It further reveals that God has no pleasure in anyone drawing back from the life of faith. Drawing back from faith is unprofitable. We started our Christian life and journey by faith, […]

July 4: We Live By Faith

Today’s opening Scripture reveals the importance of faith to us. It tells us that the just shall live by faith, which means that the Christian life is a life of faith from scratch to finish. We are justified from sin’s guilt by faith and live in that justification by faith. What does it mean to […]