May 22: Develop Your God-Given Resources

In life, most people are like wild land, undeveloped and untrained. They have vast resources good enough to put them on top in life, but those resources are still undeveloped. They have untapped, unharnessed, unutilized resources. They are rich in potentials but very poor in discipline and training, so their resources are undeveloped. What is […]

May 20: The Joy of Giving

The most joyful Christians ever are those who know the joy and blessing of giving. They respond to God’s Word and God fulfils His Word to them. You can never know or experience the joy of giving until you’ve given to the work of God and to others. You don’t experience the joy of giving […]

May 17: Refuse to be Sin-conscious!

Sin-consciousness is a product of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. Before the fall of man, there was no sin in the Garden, neither was there any such thing as sin-consciousness. What is sin-consciousness? It is a sense of sin that brings and breeds insufficiency, inadequacy, inferiority, condemnation and low self-esteem. Sin-consciousness […]