Pastor Segun Obadje

The Glorious Name of Jesus 2

  Every name is an influence. This means that every name carries the influence of its bearer. The Name of Jesus carries the influence, and the authority of Jesus, and that influence is over the entire universe – heaven, earth, and hell. Our opening Scripture shows us the extent of the influence of the Name […]

Pastor Segun Obadje

You are not Disadvantaged

  There is no child of God that is disadvantaged. There is no child of God that is a misfit in life. Every child of God has special privileges in Christ. Sadly, many of God’s children do not know this truth, therefore they suffer in ignorance. God wants the best for His children, and He […]

Segun Obadje

Satan’s Ultimate Goal

  The ultimate goal of the enemy is to make you doubt the love of God for you. He knows very well that the moment you doubt the love of God for you, your foundation becomes shaky, and then you become vulnerable to his attacks. This has always been his ancient strategy of attack against […]

Pastor Segun Obadje

God Cares for You

  Beloved, God cares for you. Many in the world think that nobody cares for them; people often ask sarcastically “Who cares?” To them, everyone is in this world all by himself, and is meant to struggle and hustle through life because it’s about the survival of the fittest. However, nothing could be further from […]