Leverage Partnership

Partnership is to establish a relationship between 2 or more people who can share responsibility in achieving a common goal.

Being a Leverage partner is to be involved in getting the Leverage daily devotional into as many hands as possible across the whole world through your financial support and prayers.

Becoming a Partner is easy! You can partner with us primarily through:

  • Being financially involved by sponsoring the free distribution of the Leverage daily devotional across the countries of the earth. In addition, you also partner with us by;

  • Buying at least one copy of the Leverage daily devotional for yourself.

  • Buying at least one copy of the Leverage daily devotional for someone else.

  • Prayerfully be involved in the expansion for the awesome Leverage daily devotional across the globe.

It is amazing to daily get stories of lives that are changed by reason of the daily inspiration for all-round prosperity that came to them through the Leverage devotional.

The greatest way to get involved wherever this live-changing devotional goes is by partnering with us. This is the best way to impart millions of lives around the world right from the comfort of your home and the souls won and transformed is credited to your account as though you ministered to them physically! This is the power of partnership. Making your life and finance counts.

partner with Leverage