Love: The Rule of Engagement in the Gifts of the Spirit

Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.

Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy.

The Word instructs us in the opening verse to follow after charity (love). To follow after something is to pursue it, to go after it; to be eager in the pursuit of something. So, the Word tells us to be eager or fervent or zealous in the pursuit of love. Why? Love is the rule of engagement in the use of spiritual gifts. The Word tells us in the opening verse to follow after charity and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that we may prophesy. When we become eager in the pursuit of love, we will be able to use the gifts of the Spirit unto edification, comfort and exhortation of the brethren, and not unto self-glorification. We will use spiritual gifts to glorify God, not to promote ourselves; we will not be puffed up, but we will edify the Church of Christ. As we edify the Church in the use of spiritual gifts, we glorify God and so He increases His grace in our lives to be able to do more for the Lord and bless more people beyond our immediate reach. Though the administrations of the gifts of the Spirit may be diverse, it is ministered or given to us by God so that others may be blessed by it. The purpose of the manifestation of the Spirit is for corporate profiting. Nothing must be done selfishly as it pertains to the manifestation of the Spirit. The operation of the gifts of the Spirit is governed by love.

God loves people and everyone that will function effectively in the realm of the Spirit in manifesting the gifts of the Spirit must be ready to love like God. Selfishness disqualifies you from walking in the fullness of that realm. So, in order to have more capacity in spiritual things to be able to flow with the Spirit in spiritual things, you must put love first in all that you do. There is no room for selfishness at all. We serve one another. In the law of love, it is profitable to serve one another. You run at a loss when you serve just yourself. You are meant to serve others, while you trust God to meet your own needs. As you serve others in faith, trusting the Lord to meet your own needs, God will stir people to serve you, too. Love never fails. In life, failures are made by selfishness. When it comes to the gifts of the Spirit, the umpire will show you a red card when you start walking in selfishness, as love is the rule of the game. There are no love-made failures; rather, there are only selfishness-made failures. Love always makes successes of people. In God’s kingdom, soloists (people who are concerned with themselves only) don’t go far. When self is only about one’s self, that is a defeated self. A winning self is a self that is all out to help others. Let love rule you.

My Solid Front (Confession):
In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ I declare that I am ruled by the love of God. I am eager in the pursuit of love towards others as I seek to manifest the gifts of the Spirit.

Further Meditation: 
1 Corinthians 12:1-11;Romans 12:10.

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