Speak Forth Your Miracle!

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Our opening verse tells us what happened at creation. God commanded light to shine out of darkness, and it was so. Amazing, isn’t it? God, at creation, was demonstrating to us the creative power of the spoken Word. When words are spoken in faith, they produce powerful effects. God said, let there be light; and there was light. That’s what it takes to create new realities of your desire from undesirable circumstances. There was darkness in the beginning and that was not what God wanted. In life, there is bound to be one or more undesirable circumstances or situations that you will be faced with; but you must be courageous and faith-filled to call forth your desired outcomes. Don’t let the situation overwhelm you. Call forth what you require, and you will see it leap into being for you. Life responds to your faith, not to crying. Stop blaming everyone else for your situation. Face it by faith. Level that mountain out by faith. Speak to it, not about it! Speak to the situation! Talk to it! Challenge the status quo! Change the coordinates! You can by the power of the Holy Spirit. Speak forth your desired miracle! God has given you the power to change your situation. By the finished works of Christ at Calvary, you now have the advantage. You are no longer at the mercy of life. You now reign with Christ as king in this present life. Hallelujah!

As a child of God, you have to be careful to ensure that you are saying the right things consistent with the Word of God. Agree with God concerning your health, your life, your future, marriage, name it. When you do, you will have what you say, and you will also see what you say. Genesis 1 reveals that God saw all He said in the beginning. In verse 31, Scripture says “And God saw everything He had made, and, behold, it was very good…” All that God spoke into being, He saw in full manifestation. You, too, will see what you say. Speak it in faith and it will leap into being for you. As God’s child, speak the Word in faith. The Word in your mouth is as potent as God’s Word in His mouth. Say it and mean it! Don’t say what you don’t mean. Let God’s Word cast that image of a definite expectation in your heart. Be rest assured that you will have what you say! God is faithful to perform what you command in faith. Speak forth your miracle. Hallelujah!

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I speak forth my miracle! I speak consistent with what God has spoken concerning me! I speak in faith, doubting nothing; for my God is faithful to make good His Word which I speak in faith. Hallelujah!

Further Meditation: 
Genesis 1:1-31; Job 22:29.

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